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There are many different types of infections that your children may experience as they grow older. Fortunately, many of these infections (e.g. chickenpox) can be prevented successfully through the use of vaccines & immunizations.

Any type of bacterial infection can be treated successfully through the use of antibiotics, which effectively kill off the bacteria causing the problem. Viral infections such as the common cold can develop into ear infections if the virus spreads into your child’s ear canal.

Many infections will produce common symptoms that usually involve fever, appetite loss, fatigue, and stomach problems such as diarrhea. The best defense against infections is to keep your child’s hands washed throughout the day as well as stay updated on immunizations that your child should be receiving.

As there are many different infections lurking around, our pediatricians at Kids and Teen Medical Group may have to run various medical tests (e.g. blood test) on your child to provide an accurate diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has been made, then we can begin to successfully treat your child’s infection.

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