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Fevers occur when your child’s body temperature is abnormally high. If your child’s temperature is in the triple-digit range (e.g. 100 or higher) then they may be experiencing fever. Fever is a natural response by a child’s body to fight off illness.

The tricky part about fever is taking your child’s temperature with the appropriate thermometer. You can administer a reading either orally, rectally, inside their ear, or under their armpit. Rectal temperatures have been said to be the most accurate in detecting fever in children. If you receive a reading of 100.4 or higher, then your child is suffering from fever.

If your child has a fever, then you should call our pediatrician to schedule an appointment or walk-in. We have locations in Northridge and Pasadena with board-certified physicians that can help bring your child’s fever back down to normal levels (around 98 degrees). In the mean time, you can treat your child with fluid intake. Contrary to popular belief, avoid giving your child a cold bath.

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